The journey so far…

My intention for this blog is to share my journey of starting over an building a different life now that MS has taken my 20 year career in IT and at the moment I’m on Long-term Disability. I don’t know what the future holds, and I occasionally do entertain the idea of returning to my IT Analyst world because it was so much fun, and I loved the challenge.  I still love it. It makes me happy to think back to all of the years. Of course there’s horrible things in every career, but when it mattered – really mattered – the people I worked with were amazing and brilliant,  and that’s what I really want back.  That comradery that energy that comes from working with like minded people who  are just there to do the best work possible.

So this here is a new beginning. I have to build a new life that includes MS and Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Includes the pacing, actual self care, and championing disability access rights.

I am now in a wheelchair most of the time – short distances are manageable without mobility equipment, medium distances and I can usually use a walker, but beyond that my chair is my friend, but it’s also my biggest heartbreak because currently in the majority of spaces today I am an after thought, an inconvenience,  or worse not even considered and have no access to buildings, modern stores, doctor’s offices (yes this is true way too often),  restaurants. Accessibility is more than power doors, and larger washrooms.  I welcome the discourse, the dialogue, the conversations to include every one.

I didn’t become a disability rights champion because 2 years ago a power-chair entered my life. I was on Advisory Committees, Accessible IT Design working groups anything I could do no matter how small to promote much needed equity.  This has always been on my radar and now that I have to really live it in all it’s glory there’s a renewed vigor to this pursuit.

This blog is about me, my family, my life living with both MS and currently dual mental health diagnosis, and hopefully see change for all of us who struggle with something that accommodation, awareness and consideration would improve.

Thanks for sharing my journey