Who am I?

I like structure. I do not like being controlled.
I like freedom. I do not like choice without context.
I love Astrology. It’s not about prediction; it’s about self mastery. Individual connection to the Universal.
I love technology. I fear unfettered surveillance. Where’s the balance?
I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield. I’d rather meet you around a campfire to settle our differences.

I was born under the sign of the Sun. I prefer the conversations held at night and relish darkness.
I’m Autistic. This is not a flaw. It’s a different approach to Life.
I will walk beside you unflinching when you share your darkness and need a friend.
I’m peace. I’m warrior too.

I’m kindness.
I’m action.
I’m creative.
I’m mystery.
I’m hard to know.
I’m hard to shake in spite of the Anxiety that grips me frequently.

I’m peacekeeper. I can be peacemaker.
Light and shadow.
More silence than noise.
I am open to change
I am memory and forgiveness

I am Echo. This is who I am.


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