I Can’t Hang The Sun for You Today

I can’t hang the Sun for you today
I can’t be the light that guides your path
Today you have to be your own Sun or
you get to walk in shadows and find your own hope
This will make you stronger, I promise

My Sun is hidden behind clouds today.
I have walked in shadow before, many many times
This has made me fearless, and my dear that is my hope for you
I know this space, this grey, this pain, this sorrow, this struggle to find light

Except today, I find I don’t mind the grey.
I don’t mind the mists, the fog, the shortened sightlines, the mystery of the path ahead
I don’t need hope or strength or guidance
I just need to breathe and place one foot in front of the other
Eventually a bench, or chair will appear where I can rest easy wrapping this grey blanket around my shoulders until I am restored to being the Sun for you again.

The Sun always emerges from the clouds
I too will Rise again.


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